Chocolate Tour of London

  • Duration: 2.5 hrs (approx)
  • Area: Soho
  • Capacity: 20 People per guide.
  • Dress: Its a Walking tour, so wear comfortable cloths and shoes. Also don't wear a belt :)
  • Departs: Thurs - Sun 12pm & 3pm
  • Meeting Location: The Algerian Coffee Store, 52 Old Compton St, W1D 4PB Nrst Tube: Leicester Square
  • Final Destination: The East India Company Ltd 7 Conduit St, London W1S 2XF Nrst Tube: Oxford Circus


Chocolate Tour of London

Come join your expert tour guide for a delightful stroll through beautiful Mayfair, the heart of London, where we visit decadent dessert boutiques and chocolatiers, to sample their finest confections and chocolate delights. If you love chocolate you must try the famous Chocolate Tour of London today! London boasts some of the finest chocolatiers to be found anywhere in the world! Let us show you the evidence of the English obsession with fine chocolate on The Chocolate Tour of London. Plenty can be found in ritzy Mayfair, where a host of chocolatiers, both traditional and modern, have planted their exclusive boutiques. Learn about the history of chocolate, sample chocolate delights and discover London! A chocoholics heaven in the heart of London. Things are only looking up in the world of chocolate - we not only tend to eat less, but better quality chocolate, and we’re also far more aware of chocolate’s healthy properties: it’s one of nature’s superfoods, helping to relieve stress and enhance pleasure while providing a terrific source of magnesium!

  • Food is included 7 tastings on the go (sidewalk tastings, or done inside the establishments)
  • Capacity 20 people per tour guide
  • Dress It's a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Weather Tour takes place rain or shine

Chocolate Tour of London Itinerary

  • Algerian Coffee Store Renowned for it's chocolate covered coffee beans since 1887
  • Paul A Young Award-winning chocolates, truffles, brownies
  • Hotel Chocolat A cocoa grower & chocolatier, thier gourmet chocolates will thrill & excite
  • Freggo The best chocolate ice cream in London
  • Prestat A chocolate shop with a Royal Warrant and impressive line of chocolate mints, white chocolate banoffee truffle anyone?!
  • Fortnum & Mason's Royal Purveyor of fine foods, including chocolate
  • East India Company Elizabeth I created this famously influential company by Royal charter, their fine chocolates are exquisite
  • Liberty The chocolate shop at this famous department store is well worth a visit
  • These are just a fraction of the many sights you will see on this tour!
  1. “Fab afternoon!”

    by Nina W (a TripAdvisor Member) on 11 Sep 2014

    We went on the chocolate tour, it was brilliant! Alan the tour guide was very well informed, with a great sense of humour and interacted with us all, creating a great sense of camaraderie within the (large) group. The tour was great value for money on terms of the amount of free chocolate we consumed (I was so glad I'd only had a salad for lunch!) and the variety and amount of places we visited. Plus, we got a discount in every shop if we wanted to purchase even more chocs. A true chocoholics dream day out!!

    Visited August 2014

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  2. “Chocolate Tour of London”

    by Jax2307 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 11 Sep 2014

    Our Guide, Siddy, was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable and we were taken to a number of high class chocolatiers and learnt of the history of chocolate. Having read other reviews we did not visit as many establishments as other tours, however, we did get a good taste of the various chocolate treats and being in a small group meant a bigger share of some goodies! We also heard some other London historical tales and trivia along the way.

    Whilst an interesting and entertaining way to spend an afternoon in London, the price of the tour is quite expensive and I am glad we had a 2-4-1 deal from FCC.

    Visited July 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  3. “Yummy chocolate tour”

    by Kami92 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 11 Sep 2014

    Big thank you to Lisa, our tour guide on our chocolate tour on Saturday, it was clear she loved her job and was very informative and seemed to have a great relationship with all the shops we visited, we thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful chocolates we sampled and there were plenty of them, and the sorbet and ice cream samples were an unexpected treat too. I would highly recommend this tour.

    Visited July 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  4. “Chocolate tour”

    by midnightbluemg (a TripAdvisor Member) on 11 Sep 2014

    Excellent tour with tour guide Lisa. Very informative with good selection of chocolates to taste. Also ice cream tasting which was very welcome on a very hot Saturday afternoon. We were not pressured into buying anything but were offered a 10% discount off of any purchases.

    Visited July 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  5. “A guided tour of chocolate shops”

    by Alison B (a TripAdvisor Member) on 11 Sep 2014

    This tour was enjoyable and our guide was extremely nice. This is essentially a tour of chocolate shops and although we were not made to feel obliged to buy, I assume this is what the shops were expecting. We did not learn about chocolate being made or see anything of the process and I felt we were a bit 'in the way' inside the shops. Samples were provided but in some places this was tiny or had to be eaten outside the shop. In the ice-cream parlour we had to queue up for a tiny spoonful (albeit you could queue up a second or third time) and this seemed pointless. However, it did involve an interesting walk around London and a visit to some nice shops if you don't know London or where to find them.

    Visited July 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  6. “Chocolate-Lovers Tour of London”

    by Madeline017 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Jul 2014

    A really interesting and enjoyable afternoon with our guide Lisa. She knew a great deal about the subject, had a great personality and gave us a huge amount of chocolate. Thank you very much

    Visited May 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  7. “Chocolate Tasting Tour with Siddy”

    by R B (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Jun 2014

    Great tour, lots of yummy chocolate. Siddy was very friendly and knowledgeable about the city and its history.

    Visited April 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  8. “walking chocolate tour of london”

    by eigh n (a TripAdvisor Member) on 31 May 2014

    we really enjoyed the tour. Lisa the tour guide was friendly and very helpfully. She knows her stuff too. Thank you.

    Visited May 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  9. “Fun tour & guide”

    by Rachel C (a TripAdvisor Member) on 31 May 2014

    A group of us recently went on the London Chocolate tour for part of my sister's birthday celebrations. The tour guide Siddy was great - she made the tour really interesting and gave us some great historical info (not just about chocolate but London too!) and overall it was a fun & very tasty trip.

    Visited April 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  10. “Chocolate Tour - London. Some Room For Improvement.”

    by NostromoLondon (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    Had a very enjoyable chocolate tour on Good Friday. Got a 241 offer through the days out website which made it good value. We didn't realise how far we had walked until we retraced our steps. Definitely burned off some of the calories consumed with all the chocolate samples. We visited a number of places including Hotel Chocolat, Fortnums, Liberty's, etc. We had a good amount of tastings.

    The only disappointment was that there wasn't more information about the history of chocolate or how it is made. Having done a similar tour in Paris I expected something along those lines.

    Having said that though our guide was very friendly and we did glean some new information about London.

    I would recommend but can't give 5 stars and at the full £30 price it would be expensive.

    From TripAdvisor
  11. “London Chocolate Tour”

    by Sophie M (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    Had a great tour with Lisa today in the sunshine...Plenty of chocolate and lots of good chat! Yay...

    Visited April 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  12. “Sweet Treat!”

    by Jackie W (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    We spent a great afternoon with Siddy (Tour Guide) touring the confectioners and bakeries of Soho, Covent Garden and Mayfair. There were plenty of samples - some of which we could take home. Our guide Siddy was very knowledgeable and charming. We got to see the nooks and crannies of central London as well as tasting the most delicious morsels. A fabulous Birthday Treat!

    Visited April 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  13. “Chocolate Walking Tour - London”

    by Amanda B (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    Excellent walking tour today round Soho and Mayfair. Plenty of lovely places to stop and try delicious chocolates. Lisa was a wonderful guide. Would like to recommend this tour to my friends.

    Visited April 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  14. “Chocolate walking tour”

    by Rose F (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    A wonderful tour and an excellent guide, Siddy. She was so knowledgeable and I learnt a lot from the experience! We visited shops I didn't know existed and tried some wonderful chocolates. All round excellent value. Thank you!

    From TripAdvisor
  15. “chocolate tour of London”

    by granny469 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    Thank you Lisa.

    We had a lovely time touring the famous chocolate shops of London and Lisa was such fun and made the tour so interesting her enthusiasm was so infectious. I would definatley recommend this tour as you get see parts of London you may not know and try wonderful chocolate; what is not to like.


    From TripAdvisor
  16. “Chocolate walking tour”

    by WirralLady_10 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    Nice experience, with Siddy our guide, we got to visit some lovely chocolate establishments. Very interesting history behind them all, given to us by Siddy in clear and concise tone. Lovely samples as well ........we visited places we didn;t know existed. Certainly would recommend if you are a chocolate lover..

    Visited April 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  17. “Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!”

    by DPBA2013 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 May 2014

    I enjoyed a leisurely walk around London visiting a myriad of different chocolate shops with our wonderfully knowledgeable guide, Siddy. Enjoyed hearing huge amounts of interesting information about chocolate mainly but also lots of nuggets of info about London in general and places we were near. Had chocolate to try in every place we visited and also visited a delicious ice cream parlour where we just kept tasting and going back and tasting something different (the malbec and berry ice cream was definitely my favourite - just like good red wine frozen!) The tour lasted about 2 and a half hours so as long as you can stay on your feet for that long I would definitely recommend this tour - delicious!!

    Visited April 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  18. “Thank you”

    by Steven J (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Apr 2014

    Excellent tour: birthday present for four 12 y/o boys, and Lisa, our guide pitched it perfectly for them while keeping the accompanying adults informed and enthused.

    Visited March 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  19. “Chocolate tour”

    by Nicole K (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Apr 2014

    We had a great day. Our tour guide lisa was very informative and took us to some great little hidden places. We will definitely be going back to the delicious shops. We tasted some amazing chocolate. Thank you for a wonderful and the blessed sunshine we got.

    Visited March 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  20. “Thoroughly fun and tasty tour”

    by Daynastravels (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Apr 2014

    We took this tour on a sunny Saturday at 3pm and thoroughly enjoyed it, tasting some delicious (and very posh) chocolates and ice cream. Lisa our guide was a delight - very friendly, making the tour extra fun. Starting in Old Compton Street, making our way round to Conduit Street, there was just enough walking balanced with just enough scrumptious chocolate. Most of the shops gave a 10% discount to tour goers too!

    This chocolate tour is a great gift idea for any age (our tour party included a group of teens for a 13th birthday). One of our friends couldn't make it, so Lisa gave us a goodie bag for her, which was a lovely touch.

    Definitely recommend :)

    Visited March 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  21. “Half Term Treat!”

    by Margaret H (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Mar 2014

    Finding things to do with a family of teenagers that we'll all enjoy can be a challenge and so the Chocolate Tour of London was a real find. We went this afternoon and spent just the right amount of time walking and tasting to make this tour enjoyable for all of us. Our guide, Lisa, was really friendly and enthusiastic with plenty of interesting chocolate knowledge along the way. She made the tour very entertaining for everyone in the group and was particularly helpful in trying to answer some of the questions put to her by the younger members of the group. We used a 'Little Bird' voucher (which helped too) and had good weather today so all in all, a great day out in London.

    From TripAdvisor
  22. “Wonderful experience!!”

    by GethersUK (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Mar 2014

    I bought a tour for my sister-in-law for a Christmas present and or course she couldn't go alone so I had to join her! Lisa was our guide and she really made the trip memorable. Didn't know there was so many chocolate shops in such a small area,each one was very welcoming to us. Because our group was only small(4) it was possible to get to a lot of places within the time frame.
    great trip...thank you Lisa x Tour date Jan 30 2014

    Visited January 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  23. “Excellent way to spend 2-3 hours”

    by sarahelliot83 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 4 Mar 2014

    Lisa, our guide, was fantastic. Knowledgeable, charismatic and took us to some fantastic places that I didn't know about, despite living in London for 8 years. Thank you!

    Visited February 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  24. “A fantastic day out”

    by Shoney112 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Feb 2014

    I went on the chocolate tour with my family. Despite the weather , we had a really good time. Our guide , Lisa , was great fun and showed us some lovely finds around london. Great value as we had a voucher

    Visited January 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  25. “London Chocolate Tour - very tasty”

    by Kay O (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Feb 2014

    My partner and i were given the chocolate tour of London as a Christmas present, and what a fantastic idea. It's probably something we wouldn't go out and book ourselves, and looking at the prices i'm not sure i would pay what they charge for it. If you are really looking to learn about chocolates and find some special places then it's definitely worth it. Our guide, Lisa, was fantastic. Really welcoming, chatty and knew her stuff. We were a group of 8 and i would say that was a very good size. We could all just about fit in each of the little shops together and hear all the information clearly. It looked like some people were more into it than others. By the last shop we were so glad to try something savory though, there are plenty of tasters along the way but i certainly couldn't have eaten anymore chocolate in one day.
    We were very lucky with the weather and i would say this would be a great day out for Spring/Summer. There isn't much cover, unless you're in the shops, so a rainy day wouldn't be ideal.

    Visited January 2014

    From TripAdvisor
  26. “Chocolate trip”

    by anna v (a TripAdvisor Member) on 1 Feb 2014

    I went on this chocolate tour not previously knowing what to expect and being on my own was a little nervous, but my tour guide Lisa was extremely friendly and made sure the whole group was involved at all times! Free chocolate tasting is always good, but it was also nice to see new chocolate brands that I had never heard of, and our guide gave us lots of interesting and funny little facts which made the tour much more exciting than just trailing round a few shops. I definitely recommend this tour!

    Visited December 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  27. “Delicious fun!”

    by Charlotte B (a TripAdvisor Member) on 6 Oct 2013

    I did the chocolate tasting tour at the weekend and spent a lovely two hours visiting chocolate shops around central London. There was lots to sample in a variety of places I would never have found by myself. I now know where to go for yummy truffles, to-die-for salted caramel and the best ice creams and sorbets! Lisa, our guide was fabulous! A great mix of humour, honesty and information which just made the tour even more fun.

    Visited September 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  28. “Chocolate tour amazing!”

    by Printgal (a TripAdvisor Member) on 6 Oct 2013

    I was unsure about whether to go as my friend was unable to come last minute. I decided to go alone and I'm so glad I did! The guide, Lisa was so entertaining and insightful. she made an effort to speak to everybody individually throughout the tour. As a host/guide she was good fun, such a character! The chocolate was delicious and just the right amount of walking.

    Visited September 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  29. “It was all down to the tour guide”

    by Tour-extraordinaire (a TripAdvisor Member) on 8 Aug 2013

    Our tour guide, I think he was called Ferry, was absolutely amazing. From the start of the trip, he made us all feel comfortable and built rapport with each and every one of us. Moving from shop to shop wasn't tiring at all because we always had the prospect of chocolate to look forward to when we arrived at our next destination. Even when we had a slightly longer walk at one point, our guide kept us entertained with interesting stories and facts - he was so popular amongst the guests though that we had to keep positioning ourselves next to him to make sure we'd be able to chat to him. All in all, the 2/2.5 hours flew by and I was thoroughly happy with what I'd learnt - thanks Ferry , top job :)

    Visited July 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  30. “Chocolate Tour”

    by Daisy N (a TripAdvisor Member) on 8 Aug 2013

    I fancy Ferry, will you marry me? The tour was excellent, informative and great value for money - I'd recommend this to anyone. Salted caramels are a must - my new favourite chocolate! But seriously, if you are planning on attending this tour, Ferry is the best tour guide I've had in all my London tours.

    Visited July 2013

    From TripAdvisor
  31. “Excellent Tour; Excellent Guide”

    by Dave M (a TripAdvisor Member) on 8 Aug 2013

    A fun tour of some of London's best chocolate sellers. The tour guide, Ferry, was excellent, setting exactly the right tone between informative and humorous, whilst obviously enjoying his work and the interaction with both the people on the tour and those staffing the establishments we visited. Recommended

    Visited July 2013
  32. Yummy

    by M hancox on 29 Jul 2013

    Did the tour yesterday with Ferry who was very amusing and made sure he didn't lose anyone on the tour during a very busy London Sunday afternoon. The chocolate was delicious and we now know where to go for some very fine chocolate.
  33. Good tour, shame about the delayed start.

    by Laura on 8 Jul 2013

    This tour was good, although marred slightly by the long wait for it to start. Apparently this was due to the original tour guide being ill. Gill was called in at the last minute and arrived fresh from the gym to give us an interesting and informative tour of the chocolate shops. As it was a blazing hot day, we were quite hot and bothered after nearly 40mins waiting outside but luckily most if the shops were air-conditioned.
  34. Interesting little tour

    by Carla on 12 May 2013

    Nice way to spend a couple of hours. Little bit of walking around involved, but you pass lots of interesting places on the way, which you may not have seen before.

    Tour guide was Ferry, he was entertaining and witty, and had good background knowledge about each of the places we stopped at.

    You dont get masses of free samples, but one or two chocolates in each shop, with lots of weird flavours and varients to feast your eyes and taste buds on.

    I got the tour via Amazon local as a special offer and i think it was fair value for money.

    Its a different way to spend a couple of hours and see a foodie section of London in a new light...i would give it 9/10. .
  35. “Loved the chocolate, excellent tour guide”

    by Peterdk_london (a TripAdvisor Member) on 30 Apr 2013

    We did the chocolate tour on a busy Saturday afternoon and it was really great. The tour guide (Becky) was informative and charming and took us to places we would never have known about otherwise! I would highly recommend taking the tour!

    Visited March 2013
    From TripAdvisor
  36. “Becky was a brilliant guide”

    by Malloch1 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 30 Apr 2013

    I went on a chocolate tour yesterday guided by Becky. The four was interesting and took me to shops that I may never have found on my own. Becky was very knowledgable, interesting and has an outstanding personality and strong likability. I recommend if you book a tour with this company you try and get one that Becky is doing as she made the whole event feel much more complete.

    Visited April 2013
    From TripAdvisor
  37. “Awesome day out”

    by JamesMC46 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 20 Nov 2012

    A couple of friends took me along for this as a surprise - wasn't sure what to expect, but I had the most amazing time. The tour guide (I think his name his name was Ferry?) was lovely - extremely friendly and personable, made us all feel right at home. Would definitely recommend this if you're in London - great way to spend a day.

    Visited October 2012

    From TripAdvisor
  38. “Take a huge bag with you on the Chocolate tour!”

    by George B (a TripAdvisor Member) on 20 Nov 2012

    Try not to fill yourself early on, you'll be seeing a lot more you want to buy throughout the tour! I had Ferry as my guide, and he treated me and my girlfriend delightfully!

    Visited June 2012

    From TripAdvisor
  39. “Chocolate Tour”

    by Louise G (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Aug 2012

    Me and my boyfriend did a Sunday tour, and it was a very pleasant surprise. Lots of free samples, and the shops were all quiet giving it a private feel. It started raining, so Ferry (our guide) had to take us into shelter for a bit at Sothebys poor fella. Highly recommended, take an umbrella though.

    From TripAdvisor
  40. “A yummy chocolate tour around central London.”

    by Christos1313 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Apr 2012

    We took the chocolate tour offered by Great British Tours where we had the chance to taste delicious chocolates -I d recommend chocolate with coffee beans @ Hotel chocolate if you re a coffee lover- at various places around Soho for free. Of course the quantities were small but enough to give you an idea of the quality and taste. You could pay and buy more if you wanted. If you like a treat for yourself then you should consider taking the tour. It's not something amazing that you ll remember for the rest of your life but certainly worth a try if you want to have a relaxing walk around London with friends. As for our guide George was very knowledgeable about 'chocolate science' and very polite & friendly.

    Visited February 2012

    From TripAdvisor
  41. “Great fun and informative tour”

    by laura-1983_29 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Apr 2012

    Thank you George for a great Chocolate tour, Enjoyed it very much - very entertaining, interesting and informative. Will definitely check out the other tours you offer!

    Visited March 2012

    From TripAdvisor
  42. “Very informative”

    by debs21 (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Apr 2012

    We did this tour with George who was very informative and nice. It was a lovely day weather wise as well. Although I am a Londoner I saw places that I had never seen before! The tour had just the right amount of people on it as well.

    Visited February 2012

    From TripAdvisor
  43. “Chocolate tour = amazingly tasty time.”

    by Angela V (a TripAdvisor Member) on 5 Apr 2012

    I did the chocolate tour this past Saturday and absolutely loved it, despite the rain. Our tour guide, Becky, was really wonderful and was very knowledgeable about the different shops we went to and knew her way around. Even with all the chocolate shops subtracted, it was a beautiful walk around the city to places I rarely get to see. Fabulous tour and guide. Loved it.

    Visited February 2012

    From Tripadvisor
  44. A good, fun, delicious treat of a tour!

    by Mina on 18 Mar 2012

    We went on the Chocolate Tour of London on a rainy saturday. Despite the weather we had a lovely time. George, our tour giude was warm and friendly and very informative. If you're londoners like us, you may not find the tour taking you to new places but George may tell you new titbits of information about them.

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